Fashion Designer Tamara Almeida

Tamara Almeida with origins from Portugal, was born and educated in Switzerland in a small town. 

Since little girl she had a passion for fashion and desired to work and become a Designer. With an age of 17, she moved to Milan to study at the university Fashion Design.

In 2015 in her last university year, she participated on a competition, in which she won from four schools. Her graphic print was used on the Istituto Marangoni’s Bag for the next academic year in Milan, Paris, London and Shanghai. After the graduation she worked in the fashion industry as Fashion Designer and as a Saleswoman in some Showrooms in Milan. After her work experiences she decided to follow her dream and start her own brand.

Tamara Almeida wanted to create something on her own and unique. Curious, she decided to deepen her passion for bags. 

Dedicated to embarking on this new experience and challenge, she decides to flower her knowledge and her brand just like a “Rose”. The logo transmits her delicate style, but it is interpreted in a modern way. Inspiring mostly on geometric forms and experimental details. 

She created a unique collection with a romantic-chic, elegant and with a strong essence. In 2020 with a big determination she presented her first collection of bag.