For the first collection, Tamara Almeida was inspired by her favorite flower “Rose”. She decided to represent her brand with the same flower and use it for her logo.

Tamara considers the Rose elegant, romantic, light and a natural beauty.

These are the characteristics that she wants to transmit in her collections.

Tamara Almeida bags were designed for a practical woman that defines herself as determined. A woman who is fascinated by something more than just a simple bag.

That wants to take care about the future and our planet. Prefers to choose sustainability and exclusivity. Helping by making a difference in the world without giving up the beauty of fashion.

This collection has strong colors; Black for elegance, Red for romantic and Silver for a shiny touch. The bags have a modern and a geometric shape.

Each bag is carefully crafted with a lot of love. It has been analyzed to the smallest detail. Exclusively handmade in Italy by artisans who have worked in the sector for years and manufacture the bag with quality. 

A unique and special bag designed with a practical and innovative construction for everyday use.