Tamara Almeida bags have snap buttons. By purchasing a bag you will get extra snap buttons to make the repair in case if one is damaged. We care about our customers and that’s why we decided to make a video to show you step by step how to put a new snap button at home without having to use too many tools.

It’s very simple and quick. What you need is the following:

A hammer
A nail that fits inside the buttons hole
Something to put under when hitting with the hammer
The snap buttons that you receive by purchasing the bag

and watch the video with attention.


To preserve the duration and quality of the Tamara Almeida bag, it must be properly cared.
Below you will find the care instructions:

Always keep the stuffing in the bag when it is not in use and store it inside the dust bag.
Unbutton your bag carefully to avoid damages.
Store the bag in the correct position; do not stack the bags as they may be distorted.
Due to its impermeability, you can clean your bag using a damp cloth and a neutral PH detergent for any dirt / stain.
Avoid contact with oil, alcohol, perfume or makeup.

With these care instructions your Tamara Almeida bag will preserve more years.