Tamara Almeida traveled a lot due to work and also as a passion. She always had problems taking her bags during her travels. They took a lot of volume inside her baggage, in the end she could take less things because of the space. This also damaged some bags.

Tamara Almeida being a Fashion Designer could create her own dream bag that fit all the needs for all the women that have the same problem as she had at the time.

The main concept was to create a practical, sustainable, luxurious and above all a unique bag. 

The bag was created to assembly and open completely with the help of silver snap buttons. This innovation eases to put the bag in the baggage or even in the closet. It was created for travel-addicted women.

Born in Portugal 

Designed in Switzerland 

Handmade in Italy

Tamara Almeida returns to her origins in Portugal. After a long research, she found a very traditional, light and ecological material. She decided to use the “Cork” as material and enriches it with precious details and a totally “Made in Italy.”

Italian craftsmanship is considered one of the best. Attracted by the quality of the handmade, she decided to produce her collection in Italy. The sketches were studied with the help of the manufacture for the realization. The bags are produced and perfected by artisans by hand with  100% Made in Italy plated brass hardware and suede lining.  

Every detail has been analyzed to guarantee the best quality for the client.


Tamara Almeida reflected a lot about her brand. The purpose was to create a sustainable brand. Increasingly concerned with the future and with our planet, she researched until she opted for a raw material that does not damaged the environment. Cork has excellent benefits, something that nature offers us. On one of her travels, she visited an art exhibition where she was particularly fascinated by the artwork from Lorenzo Quinn, who used the following phrase for his art:

“We have the power in our hands to build a fair and sustainable future. We return to nature what nature has given us. “

That is how she decided to choose sustainability and exclusivity, helping to make a difference in the world without giving up the beauty of fashion. Tamara Almeida’s mission is to continue taking bigger and brighter steps to make her brand the most sustainable as possible and to be able to offer not only a significant bag, but also an exceptional quality.

Tamara Almeida believes in minimizing waste and not containing overproduction by making products in limited quantities. She can react better to what clients like and ensure that there is no excess stock. In addition, careful, diligent craftsmanship and limited production guarantees quality and allows maximum attention and perfection to details.

Tamara Almeida prefers to value and support handcrafted processes that she believes luxury should represent.


Tamara Almeida wants to guarantee the respectful treatment of resources and people. She decided to be against the exploitation of the workers.

In addition, Tamara Almeida’s producer is certified and audited regularly as 100% Made in Italy. This certificate guarantees that regular control visits are made to these companies. Among other things, it ensures that employees working conditions are in accordance with health, safety and laws.

Tamara Almeida also makes sure that her bags are manufactured under fair working conditions. She visits the producer personally to see the “work in progress” of her collection and production.

Not always sustainability can be achieved, but she believe that some steps like more fair working conditions, low inventory and the material choice are essential to be more conscious and transmit it to the clients with integrity.

Tamara Almeida wants to transmit these important values through her brand.